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Build your own asteroids!


WASD to move, space to shoot, shift to swap between build & fight mode.

(alt controls are arrows to move, ctrl to shoot, tab/alt to swap modes)

In build mode, collect loot and drag components onto your ship with the mouse!

In fight mode, defend with your shield, dash and shoot around with your thrusters!


  • Attach GUNS for extra firepower against the incoming meteors.
  • Attach THRUSTERS for more maneuverability and speed.
  • Attach REACTORS for extra shield power.
  • Attach STORAGE to hold more loot.
  • Collect green LOOT for eternal glory.
  • Protect your COCKPIT and CORE, or it’s game over.

After being caught in the middle of a meteor storm, you’re left deep in space with nothing but your cockpit and salvage core. Rebuild your ship with space scrap & collect more loot!


Made in 48 hours for the LD Compo. My first time using Godot (or any game engine), and it was a very smooth experience! Great tool! I think I was a bit ambitious with the theme, and probably spent a bit too much time mucking about with particle effects. As always, I probably could have done with spending less time on the base mechanics, and more on polishing some structure into the game.


SpaceCell Desktop 10 MB

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